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Passionate About Helping Others with Respiratory or Chronic illness. 

"People told me I was stupid, when I made my plan. They said I was too old, not smart enough, I wasn’t good enough, or strong enough. It sounded absurd to most everyone, but not myself. I was leaving my comfort zone for a world of adventure, light and love.


....I’m so glad I never listened to everyone." - Chantelle Shoaee 


A premature birth alongside multiple birth defects (Tracheoesophageal fistula) is how her story began. A story of being born to overcome life’s adversities and what it means to fight to live. Just a few hours after she was born – she endured major surgery and in the process had to be resuscitated 13 times. Because of a challenging beginning, she now endures vocal cord dysfunction, severe asthma, and low functioning lungs which come with their own set of unique challenges in the form of frequent and multiple respiratory infections. During her childhood – doctors instructed Chantelle’s parents to keep her indoors as much as possible; she was a bubble child.

Never being able to participate in camping, hiking, backpacking, climbing, exploring or adventures left a void her a young Chantelle that would only be filled later in her life.


Fast forward to Chantelle’s adulthood and she still continues to overcome life’s adversities in the form of continued and persistent health issues.  Desperate to break free from the ties that bind her to a life where she felt it served no purpose knowing deep down she could do so much more; she began to always choose adventures which began her new journey. She began to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to tackle almost anything she missed out on and in the process was blessed with meeting hundreds of kind, adventurous souls who've changed her world as she knows it. 

After years of dealing with numerous medical issues while adventuring, Chantelle has recently started seeking treatment with National Jewish Hospital, her medical team has discovered her birth defects were not repaired. Chantelle's trachea collapses 90% while eating, speaking or exerting herself, making Chantelle hypoxic. Chantelle is now a supplemental oxygen dependent adventurer, and is exploring additional procedures and options to repair her illness. 


Her favorite adventures include but aren’t limited to canyoneering, camping, hiking, volunteering, paddleboarding and backpacking.


Chantelle used her life savings to create and found a 501c3 nonprofit, Always Choose Adventures,  to remind people who may be suffering from various physical or mental conditions that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!


  • NOLS Wilderness First Responder

  • Facebook Blueprint Certification

  • Google Analytics IQ.

  • Professional Caregiver


  • Board Member at Colorado Search and Rescue Association - CSAR ( 2nd Year Term) 

  • Executive Director at Always Choose Adventures ( 8th Year Term) 

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